Cables sticking out right and left, missing drivers and a very, very frustrated CEO that had to give up on his videoconference with the board last night… Does any of this sound familiar?

Put Hello™ software on top of a Lync client in the meeting room, and your users will experience blissful user-friendliness – regardless of technical ability and prior training.

One-Click-One meeting

It might seem hard to comprehend, but Hello™ is truly "One Click - One meeting". Well alright, there is a few more steps in it than that.
1. You book your meeting
2. Grab coffee
3. Show up in the meeting room
4. Click "Start meeting"

Wasn't that easy?

Software-based solution

Hello™ is a software-based solution, this means we do not sneak in expensive hardware. Instead, you have the option of using your preferred brand of hardware or simply utilize the hardware you already have set up in your meeting room.

If you do not have any hardware already or a preferred brand, we can off course recommend some for you, that we have great experience with in our own meeting rooms

Focus on Communication – Not Technology

Many video conferencing systems available are also very limiting in who you can communicate with. Usually it is end-point to end-point, system to system. With Hello™ you are granted the freedom to invite any participant you wish, without having to consider whether or not you are using the same system.

Want to get in touch?

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