From time to time we get questions regarding Hello™ - we have tried to gather the most frequent below.

General Questions about Hello™

What is Hello™?

Hello™ is a user-friendly solution for video conferencing. It is a client-side only software solution that gives you the freedom to choose your preferred brand of hardware (or simply utilize that hardware you might already have in your meeting room)

How does Hello™ work?

Hello™ is a Lync-qualified software (And Skype For Business Ready). That means that it runs on top of your Lync client.

Is it really that easy to use?

There is a reason we use the catchphrase "One Click- One meeting". Because from a user standpoint, that is all there is to it. You just book your meeting in Exchange, (as you usually would); remember to make it a Lync meeting.

How many versions are there?

We have 2 versions of Hello™ - a Standard version, and an Enterprise version. The standard version gives you the most important features to have a functional meeting room solution, no fuss no muss, no unnecessary features that are more "nice to have", than "need to have". The Enterprise version gives you a bit more, but still the focus of Hello™ is no fuss, no muss - We only include features that makes sense, function and are easy to use. We do not apply features that are more fancy than useful.

How do I buy Hello™?

That too is really easy - Or well more low-tech. Simply fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you. If we have a partner in your country, we will direct your inquiry to them.

What are the prerequisites?

Mini PC with Win 8.1 4GB RAM 30 GB Hard drive Min. Intel Core i5 or equivalent Lync 2013 32 bit full version Office365 or Exchange/Lync server